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Chief Trustee's Message

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Dear Students,

      I was born and brought up in Rajur, Tal- Akole, Dist- Ahmednagar in Maharashtra State. I was fortunate in the sense that my father was an eminent primary teacher who knew the value of education in human life. In those days education was a 'forbidden fruit' for all the people in our Taluka. Being remote, Adivasi, backward, hilly and undeveloped, very few could avail of higher education. My father sent me to Pune for my college education where I was once again blessed by my fortune when I came across late Prof. G.P. Pradhan, the eminent social leader, politician and in him I found a 'Guru' who later on proved to be my guide, guardian, friend and philosopher. Apart from the formal relationship of a Guru and disciple, he took me in his charge and taught me so many things of life which turned my outlook entirely and I got a different ambition in my life. While studying law, I looked around myself and found poverty, ignorance, hunger, starvation and total lack of educational, social, and political as well as economical facilities around me in the Taluka. I thought that people around me were calling me back to be among themselves so as to uplift them from their downtrodden situation, and seeking the advice of my Guru. I left my law education in between and in 1971 came back to my native place Rajur with a concrete goal in front of me.

      The year 1972 was very instrumental to bring about drastic change in my vision. It was a draught year and being the Sabhapati of the Taluka Panchayat Samiti, I toured the entire area and was grief struck with what I saw around myself. Without going in the details I will say that much was needed to be done and it required. Herculean efforts on the part of everybody to take active part in this educational, social, cultural, political and economical revolution so as to bring our Adivasi, Backward Taluka with the level of others. Fortunately late Dadasaheb Rupwate, the great son of the soil, was in the State Cabinet and under his leadership we all social and political leaders came together forgetting our political differences and in 1972 founded Akole Taluka Education Society and applied to the then University of Pune for Arts, Commerce College at Akole. Problems started from the very beginning and I took initiative and collected a rupee each from those laborers working under Employment Guarantee Scheme. Not only that those who could not offer even a rupee, gave us help in the form of grains given by the State Government to them. I cannot resist the temptation of comparing this unique movement to that of late Karmveer Bhaurao Patil's Rayat Shikshan Sanstha which he ran on the same doctrine. In 1974 Arts, Commerce College started at Akole and since then Sanstha has made progress in all the branches. Now we run one MBA, one MCA, one Polytechnic, one ITI, four Senior Colleges and five Junior Colleges, 11 Secondary Schools and one Kanya Vidya Mandir. Education has now become available at our people's own home and when I look back after these forty years, I feel a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction as the Chief Trustee of the institute. Agasti College imparts UG and PG education in Arts, Commerce, Science as well as Computer Science. We also have a Ph.D. in Centre in Geography. I am thankful to you for visiting our website. I would like you to make your valuable suggestions for our further progress because in the field of education and knowledge there is no final word.


Mr. Madhukarrao Pichad

Chief Trustee's

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